Welcome to bioinfo.unl.edu! Our group is based in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Our mission is to apply concepts found in information theory to computational problems found in biology.

Recent Work

8/01/14 - We have a wiki page used to elaborate on our current projects!

9/25/12 - A new and even faster version of GramAlign (v3.0) is now available!

8/30/12 - Today, we released GramDist v.1.0. GramDist is a utility for generating dissimilarity matrices using the relative complexity measure, a computationally efficient and alignment free evolutionary distance metric.

8/28/12 - nSpect v.1.0 is now avaialble. nSpect is an exploratory visualization tool for inspecting high-dimensional proximity data in three dimensions.

7/15/12 - Today, we released version 0.1 of Mimosa. Mimosa is a time-efficient phylotyping method using metagenome reads for the estimation of the microbial diversity and the abundance profile associated with an environmental sample.

3/20/12 - We released a new version of GramAlign (v2.0)! Accompanying this release, we also introduced an online interface to the program. To read more about this and other projects in our lab, please visit our research page.

Bioinformatics at UNL

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has several departments performing research in the field of Bioinformatics. Other groups include the Center for Biotechnology, the Moriyama Lab within the School of Biological Sciences, and other groups based in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.